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Experience, quality, and a passion for totally individualized treatment are just a few of the advantages to making Dr. Shirley E. Cagle your dentist. It’s why so many patients have referred their friends and family. It’s why Dr. Cagle’s peers and colleagues refer cases to her.

Part of a small, elite group of Pankey-trained dentists, Dr. Cagle has achieved high honors in continuing education and training from the Pankey Institute. As a graduate, she’s part of a network of incredible dentists, so if you ever need specialty care, Dr. Cagle can help you connect with the best.

Offering unparalleled quality in cosmetic, restorative, and implant dentistry, we build a relationship with every single one of our patients. Your smile, overall health and function, and beauty are our first priorities. Dr. Cagle is dedicated to providing you with a comfortable experience and assisting you in discovering what is possible and what you want to achieve.

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