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Restorative Dentistry in The Woodlands

Restoring Your Teeth to Health and Function

Our mouths do so much for us – they let us smile, chew, speak, laugh, kiss – so when something goes wrong, shouldn’t we give that smile the best care possible to bring it back to ideal form and function? Our restorative dentistry offers just that, and more.

In fact, many of our patients who came to us for functional repairs were pleasantly surprised that their smiles looked better after work as well!

Full-mouth restoration (sometimes called reconstruction or rehabilitation) is the individual recreation of each tooth in a mouth. Full-mouth restoration is needed when your teeth are worn, broken or missing, or causing problems in both the bite and appearance of your smile. If you are having trouble with your teeth, talk to Dr. Cagle about this rejuvenation technique to create a healthy, beautiful smile and renew your confidence.

If your teeth appear short, completely overlap your bottom teeth, are cracked or otherwise damaged, or if you experience pain in the jaw joint, headaches, back pain, muscle tenderness or clicking or popping of the jaw, you should consider this procedure. Your smile will be beautifully and comfortably restored.

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Today’s porcelain inlays and composite resins allow Dr. Cagle to create fillings that are tooth-colored and can be closely matched to the shade of your existing teeth. They not only look natural, they are also highly durable, and will last many years, giving you a strong and beautiful restoration. When metal-free dentistry is a primary objective of the patient, Dr. Cagle can remove existing amalgam fillings and replace them with porcelain or composite fillings.

Inlays and onlays are tooth-colored, porcelain tooth restorations that serve two distinct parts of a tooth’s anatomy. Onlays are made to replace the whole bite surface of your tooth’s crown. An inlay is typically created for a just a section of your tooth, either between the cusps of your teeth or covering and strengthening a cusp.

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There are two kinds of crowns and bridges. Metal-free, which are made entirely of porcelain and PFM which stands for porcelain fused-to-metal. Dr. Cagle relies on her decades of experience to determine which is the correct solution, patient by patient. And when she uses PFM crowns and bridges, she uses high-noble metals, which are a blend of gold and platinum.

If you are missing one or several teeth, but the remaining teeth are healthy and present, Dr. Cagle may design a partial denture for you. We use Valplast brand, which is a flexible partial — making your appliance more comfortable than rigid partials, and easier to use for eating.

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Dentures replace a full arch of teeth. If you’re missing all your teeth on top, bottom, or both, Dr. Cagle will work with you to create dentures that match your natural teeth. The dentures are premium heat cured dentures and are completely customized and personalized, use high-end materials to simulate the lifelike look of gums and teeth as closely as possible, last a long time and are warranted against chipping and cracking for 5–10 years or longer and includes several follow-up visits to fine-tune the fit. Wear dentures all day long, then brush and soak them overnight.

Are you missing teeth and looking for a naturally comfortable solution to replace them? Come talk to us about dental implants. Our implants can give you the freedom to talk and eat with complete confidence because both the root and the tooth is replaced. You and Dr. Cagle will work together to create teeth that fit your look, your personality, and balance your smile. Imagine life without adhesives or food limitations! Now you can, with dental implants from Dr. Cagle. Visit our Implant Dentistry page for more information.

Pop quiz: Who knows what endodontics are? Probably not many of you. Endodontics has to do with the study and care of the inside of your tooth. Most of the time, endodontics refers to root canals. NOW you know what we mean, right? Root canals are a wonderful tool to end your pain, clear away infection, and save your tooth. If you have a toothache, please give Dr. Cagle’s office a call. We’ll get you feeling better in no time!

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