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TMJ Dentistry in The Woodlands

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Find Relief from Chronic Headaches and TMJ Disorders

Do you suffer from headaches, jaw pain, upper body pain, or clicking or popping in your jaw? You may be suffering from TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder.

We have talked to many patients who were discouraged by chronic pain and misdiagnosis. They wondered if they would ever be able to live without painkillers again, and we were able to help them get back to living pain-free!

We can help you, too. We practice dentistry that focuses both on the health of the smile and the balance and health of the whole body.

If you experience tightness in your jaw; have worn, cracked or broken teeth; clicking, popping or difficulty opening or closing your jaw; and/or tension or migraine headaches, we’d like to help you. If you have pain in your teeth and don’t know why, or your bite seems to shift, let us evaluate you and see if we can get your jaw and muscles back to proper function.

What Causes TMJ?

Your teeth are some of your most important tools. They help you smile, chew and speak. But if your bite is not correct, even the simplest act can be disruptive and painful. In chewing, the upper and lower teeth come together, pushing against the bones of the jaw. When the bite is uneven, teeth are missing or misaligned, the muscles of the jaw work much harder than necessary to bring the teeth together. If you clench or grind your teeth, the strain increases.

Treating TMJ Disorder

Because TMJ disorders are so complex, a thorough exam and evaluation are necessary. Once our evaluation confirms that you are suffering from TMJ disorder, we will take time with you to discuss the proper course of treatment. We offer a wide variety of options and treatments for TMJ disorder, including splint therapy to stabilize your jaw and reduce pressure, bite adjustments and physical therapy. And while there is no quick fix or simple solution for this disorder, we have helped countless patients find relief and get back to life.

Worried you have TMJ? Read our blog post for more info!

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