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Lasting Dentistry… Comfortable Care… A Personal Touch

Are you ready for dentistry that lasts? Dentistry that not only looks good, but feels good too? Then you are ready for the dentistry offered by Dr. Shirley E. Cagle.

Our patients are always comforted by her ability to empathize, and her compassionate approach makes treatment comfortable and never judgmental. In fact, she treats her patients with the same gentle touch and uncompromising excellence she would give members of her own family. It’s attention and respect you can count on…it’s special care from a woman’s perspective.

Dr. Cagle’s advanced training, years of experience and clinical expertise, combined with her gentle approach, make her the ideal choice for patients ready to make the most of their smiles.

Shirley E. Cagle, DDS in The Woodlands


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Shirley E. Cagle, DDS in The Woodlands


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